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Mufti Ismail Menk Sayings (Part 09)

 Instead of pushing someone down after they've failed, offer words of encouragement. Giving positive feedback to someone after a failure is more valuable than praising them after a success.

Although we live in a selfish world, don't be selfish with your prayers. Pray for your loved ones, friends, and even strangers as your sincere prayer could make a significant impact on someone's situation.

Make the most of your life, as it is brief. Aim for success as desired by the Almighty. Strive to improve and draw nearer to Him. Your past does not define you, so move forward.

Acknowledging the Almighty's Role in Success: Oh Almighty, You perceive the unspoken prayers and thoughts in our hearts. Grant us the strength to conquer the difficulties and challenges in our lives. We have faith in Your support, for You always prioritize our well-being. Amen.

Modesty and Quiet Effort in Achieving Success: Success is a trial from the Almighty. It's common for people to forget Him during times of success, but if we acknowledge that our success comes from Him, we can excel in the test and receive even greater blessings.

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Dealing with Hate and Grudges: Jealousy is prevalent, so it's best to accomplish your goals quietly without broadcasting them to the world. Success is modest, and it's often achieved through silent effort. You don't need to announce your plans to the world since the Almighty knows all and is the only one deserving of that knowledge.

Avoiding Judging and Criticizing Others: It's a sad reality that people may hate or dislike you without any reason. However, it's important not to hold grudges in your heart. These are trials that the Almighty has decreed for us to experience. Always remember that people do not have power over your fate; only the Almighty does.

Acknowledging Progress and Intentions: Don't waste your time scrutinizing and passing judgment on others, as life is too short for such behavior. Ignore the criticisms of unhappy people and focus on self-improvement instead. Spend your energy reflecting on yourself and doing what you can to become a better person.

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Confiding in the Almighty for Desires: Being unkind to others and holding their past against them is unnecessary. It's important to acknowledge progress, no matter how gradual, as it is praiseworthy. Always remember that to the Almighty, one's intention holds the utmost importance.

Resilience and Patience in the Face of Challenges: If you desire something intensely, it's best to confide in the Almighty rather than sharing it with others. A great approach is to talk to Him when the world is still and quiet, such as during the nighttime when distractions are minimal. Make a heartfelt and sincere request to Him.

Focusing on the Almighty, Not Others' Opinions: All of us have experienced pain and learned difficult lessons. However, we have the resilience to pick ourselves up and continue with quiet confidence. This is the essence of beautiful patience, which accepts without complaint that the Almighty has complete control over everything. Relief will arrive soon.

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Protecting Yourself from Sinful Behaviors: There is no need to concern yourself with other people's opinions. You are not obligated to disclose your life story or prove anything to anyone. Simply keep your heart connected to the Almighty, as that is all that truly matters.

Embracing the Essence of Beautiful Patience: Humanity's current state is marked by speculation, negative assumptions, judgment, gossip, and backbiting. Even when presented with the truth, most people will not correct their misconceptions. Protect yourself by avoiding such sinful behaviors.

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