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Mufti Ismail Menk Sayings (Part 07)

Seeking forgiveness and the boundless mercy of the Almighty: Almighty, we implore You to pardon our transgressions and sins. You are aware of the extent of our wrongdoing and shortcomings. Please overlook our mistakes and do not penalize us for our repeated slip-ups. Grant us Your continued patience. Amen.

Faith and supplication in times of testing: As long as you feel regret for your wrongdoing, you are not beyond redemption. The Almighty will forgive you if you seek forgiveness. Satan may attempt to discourage you with doubts of unworthiness, but do not heed such thoughts. Trust in the boundless mercy of the Most Forgiving!

Moving forward from past mistakes: The world does not always grant all of our desires, as it operates according to a higher power. Therefore, do not falter in your faith when faced with tests. Instead, turn to supplication as it is the only means to effect change.

Overcoming toxic behavior and negative energy: Making mistakes is a common human experience, and it does not define who you are. You need not label yourself or carry the weight of past errors. The past is behind you, and it should not impede your present choices. Look to the future and move forward.

Cultivating composure and restraint in responses: Stay aware of your past habits, and avoid reverting to them. Bear in mind that toxic behavior and negative energy may resurface when you are making progress. Make a deliberate effort to rid yourself of them permanently. Be resolute and stay focused on your goal.

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Directing expectations towards the Almighty: Practice exercising restraint in your responses to people or situations. You may find that they hold less power over you when you are less reactive. If someone attempts to provoke you, try disengaging from them, as they may be attempting to incite an emotional response. Refuse to succumb to their ploys and cultivate a habit of remaining composed.

Expressing appreciation for loved ones: Your disappointment often arises from unmet expectations, rather than the actions of others. Recognize that people may fall short of your expectations, as it is a common occurrence. Eventually, individuals will reveal their true nature. Therefore, direct your expectations solely towards the One who created you, as He never disappoints.

Prioritizing spiritual matters over worldly affairs: Do not overlook the importance of those dearest to you. They, like you, are human and deserve to feel valued and treasured. Do not assume that they know how you feel about them. Express your appreciation with kind and affectionate words. Remind them of the positive impact they have had on your life.

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Coping with sorrow through distance and clarity: Be wary of Satan's influence, which can lead you further away from spiritual matters and towards worldly affairs. The path to a closer relationship with your Maker may not be easy, as the world may pull you in opposing directions. Nevertheless, prioritize your connection with the Almighty and choose to follow His guidance.

Gratitude for everything, as it is on loan from the Almighty: Do not allow your sorrow to overwhelm you to the point of forgetting that a higher power is in charge. Even if just briefly, attempt to distance yourself from your anguish. Doing so may bring clarity, and you may realize that you possess nothing. Everything, without exception, is on loan from the Almighty.

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