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Mufti Ismail Menk Sayings (Part 06)

The Will of the Almighty: Merciful Creator, enlighten us with the understanding that everything happens as per Your will, not ours. Our lives are consumed by the frenetic pace of the world, but it's essential that we don't lose sight of one of the most significant teachings You impart upon us - the value of patience.

Gratitude for Divine Guidance: If you have been selected by the Almighty to receive guidance, be grateful. Acknowledge that guidance is given to those whom He chooses and it is an expression of His mercy that has embraced you. Express your gratitude to Him. Do not look down upon those who have strayed from His path. The Almighty has the power to alter their circumstances at any moment.

The Temptations of this World: The temptations of this fleeting world can be intoxicating, but they can also be harmful and even deadly. It's up to you to determine its impact. Think of this world as a transit point on your journey to your eternal home. Put your time and resources towards building a solid foundation there, so you won't have any regrets later on.

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Endurance in Tragedy: When we face loss or tragedy, the Almighty always provides us with the fortitude to endure it. If He did not, it would not have befallen us. He never imposes more than we are capable of handling. Cultivate faith and exhibit patience.

Overcoming Depression: In times of depression, it's natural to ask, "Is this all there is to life? Will things never improve?" This is a ploy of Satan, who seeks to prey on our feelings. Remember that this life is fleeting, and a life beyond our imagination awaits us.

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Putting Things in Perspective: Do not despair. Don't believe that no one else could possibly be in a worse predicament than we are in at present. This is not accurate. Whenever we feel overwhelmed and hopeless, it's crucial to consider those who are facing even more challenging circumstances than ourselves.

The Importance of Patience in Prayer: Unfortunately, it's common for us to be impulsive and expect immediate results when we pray to the Almighty. Do not abandon your faith because you have grown weary of waiting. He will grant you your request at the appropriate time. Persevere and see it through to the end.

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Wisdom in Waiting: Contemplate what would happen if the Almighty granted all your blessings at once. You would be unable to fully relish them. There is wisdom in being patient and waiting. So maintain your faith and await the appropriate moment.

The Value of Discretion: Keep in mind that not all aspects of your life are meant to be shared with everyone. Maintain discretion about personal matters. Exercise good judgment. This will prevent a multitude of difficulties and frustration in the end.

Achieving Inner Peace: Achieving inner peace is crucial. It begins from within. This might involve repairing damaged relationships that have been causing you stress and enhancing current connections. Practice forgiveness and release grudges. Don't delay, start now.

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