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Mufti Ismail Menk Sayings (Part 12)

You are never trapped in any situation: Always remember that you are never trapped in any situation. No challenge is too insurmountable for the omnipotent. Cling steadfastly to your beliefs, and in due time, the dawn of a new day will emerge. Keep your hope alive as the moment of triumph is forthcoming.

Beware the fleeting nature of notoriety: It is unwise to pursue notoriety, as it is driven by avarice for attention and is ultimately fleeting. If one becomes fixated on it, they may feel as though they are constantly being scrutinized, compelled to behave differently around different people, and unable to be authentic. This person longs for public recognition and desires to have their life experiences acknowledged by all.

Trust in the Almighty during times of rejection and abandonment: Do not become anxious when others abandon, desert or reject you, for it is not the end of the road. With faith and patience, the Almighty will guide you through life's tempestuous moments. Trust in Him and move forward without hesitation.

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Find comfort in the truth and inner peace during times of injustice: At some point in your life, you may experience unjust treatment from others. However, there's no need to worry or become overly upset. The truth will inevitably be revealed, which can be a source of comfort. Remember that the Almighty is always watching over you and is the ultimate witness to everything. Despite any challenging circumstances, strive to maintain inner peace.

Trust in the Almighty to guide you through difficult times: If you find yourself facing a challenging situation, whether it's the loss of a loved one, unemployment, or a minor health issue, it can be helpful to take a deep breath and remind yourself that nothing is permanent. The Almighty is aware of your limits and won't give you more than you can handle. Trust in the Almighty as the ultimate source of strength to guide you through difficult times.

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Remember to please the Almighty, not others: Oh Almighty, please purify our hearts and prevent us from becoming people-pleasers. Help us to remember that our primary intention in doing things should be to please You, rather than seeking approval from others. Keep us focused so that we do not neglect our duties towards You.

Trust in the Almighty to hold wrongdoers accountable: Allow them to do as they please. Even if their intentions are evil, we can trust that the Almighty will ensure that those who do wrong to others will be held accountable. We must continue to move forward and leave the rest to the Almighty. We can trust in the Almighty to guide us on how to handle every situation that we encounter.

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The importance of practicing generosity: One doesn't need to be wealthy in order to be generous, though having both qualities can be a bonus. Generosity goes beyond simply giving money, as it also involves sacrificing your time and effort. Practicing generosity can bring you closer to the Almighty and lead you towards Paradise. It's important to avoid being miserly, and to give even if you have little to offer.

Beware of oversharing personal information: It's important to avoid making the mistake of sharing too much about yourself with others. Oversharing can have negative consequences, as it may attract negative energy and vibes from individuals who do not wish you well. Instead, only share personal information with those who have demonstrated that they genuinely care about you.

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Pray for those who have caused you harm instead of seeking revenge: Rather than wishing harm upon those who have caused you harm, it's better to pray for them to recognize their mistakes and be guided towards a better path. There is no need to concern yourself with seeking revenge, as the Almighty has a way of teaching us the lessons we need to learn at the appropriate time. Know that the Almighty is always with those who uphold what is right and fair.

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