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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 126 English Subtitles

In the opening scene, Turgut Bey and Osman Bey engage in a conversation while Martian soldiers lurk in the palace. Osman Bey, aware of the soldiers' intentions to kill him, entrusts his sons Orhan and Alauddin with the task of facing them.

Initially, the sons struggle in the fight but eventually manage to overcome their opponents. Osman Bey's purpose was to assess his sons' strength and the sharpness of their swords.

Meanwhile, a new Tekfur arrives at Bursa Castle, and he discusses the situation with his commanders. He anticipates the arrival of Osman Bey and Naiman and plans to meet them. Simultaneously, Osman Bey confers with his Bede regarding the situation and divulges his strategy.

Concerned about the potential alliance between Naiman and Bursa Tekfur, Osman Bey resolves to prevent it and decides to meet with the Tekfur himself.

Ismihan becomes suspicious of Sultan Baindir, despite his attempts to dispel her doubts by professing loyalty. She keeps her guards close and warns Baindir sternly that any betrayal will result in severe consequences.

Naiman discovers the arrival of the new Tekfur at Bursa Castle and approaches him, offering various proposals to forge an alliance against Osman Bey. After leaving, Naiman's envoys seek an answer to their proposal, but the Bursa Tekfur responds by killing them.

Meanwhile, Osman Bey visits the Tekfur and presents him with a choice: side with Naiman and face the overwhelming forces of Ghazan Khan, or ally with Osman Bey and receive support in the region. The Bursa Tekfur keeps his decision undisclosed, opting to assess the situation before reporting to his commanders, affirming the impregnability of his fortress.

In the meantime, Osman Bey assigns Cherkutai to gather intelligence on Naiman's plan by assuming the identity of a former Mars soldier. Cherkutai joins forces with the Martian soldiers and infiltrates Naiman's headquarters, after which he informs Osman Bey of the gathered information.

Turgut Bey sends Bey to escort them to Mangal's hideout, but they face an ambush by the Mongols. The soldiers switch sides and join the Martians, accompanied by Cherkutai, who proceeds to Naiman's headquarters.

Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun conduct an investigation into the altered metal used to mint Osman Bey's currency but fail to find any evidence. However, Asma later reveals that Benge Hatun is responsible for the sabotage. Upon receiving this news, Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun search Benge Hatun's settlement, infuriating Al-Chechik Hatun. Despite their efforts, Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun return empty-handed.

During his return from Bursa, Osman Bey is attacked by Martian soldiers, whom he successfully defeats. Unexpectedly, he encounters Sultan Masud, the Seljuk Sultan, who had been awaiting him in a hidden cave. Osman Bey implores Sultan Masud to reclaim the kingdom in Konya.

Osman Bey assigns Shaykh Edeb-Ali the task of delivering Genghis Khan's seal to Ghazan Khan. Sheikh Edeb-Ali decides to embark on a pilgrimage and takes leave from Osman Bey and others, leaving Kumral Abdal in charge. On his journey, Nayman learns of the mission and seeks revenge against Osman by attacking Shaykh Edeb-Ali. The Shaykh decides to fight, knowing it may result in martyrdom. As news of the attack reaches Osman Bey, he launches a counterattack and redirects the battle.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 126 English Subtitles