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 Turgut Bey and Osman Bey engage in a cryptic conversation as eerie Martian soldiers silently lurk in the opulent palace shadows. Sensing the soldiers' murderous intent, Osman Bey discreetly entrusts his sons, Orhan and Alauddin, with the perilous task of confronting the Martian threat head-on.

Initially overwhelmed, the sons grapple with their formidable foes, their struggle mirroring the epic clash of their swords. However, through sheer determination, the sons eventually find their rhythm and triumph over their adversaries, impressing Osman Bey, who orchestrated this test to gauge their strength and the sharpness of their blades.

Meanwhile, a formidable Tekfur, shrouded in mystery, arrives at Bursa Castle. As he gathers his loyal commanders, an air of intrigue permeates their discussions. The enigmatic Tekfur foresees the imminent arrival of Osman Bey and Naiman, plotting to orchestrate a fateful encounter with them.

Simultaneously, Osman Bey confides in his trusted Bede, divulging his intricate strategy to navigate the treacherous web of alliances. Consumed by concerns over a potential alliance between Naiman and the enigmatic Tekfur, Osman Bey resolves to intercept and thwart their plans, deciding to confront the Tekfur himself.

Within the palace walls, Ismihan, ever vigilant and perceptive, grows suspicious of the seemingly loyal Sultan Baindir's true intentions. Despite his attempts to dispel her doubts, professing unwavering loyalty, she remains unwavering in her skepticism. Determined to safeguard her realm, she maintains a watchful eye, keeping her guards close and sternly warning Baindir that any betrayal will be consequences.

met with direNaiman, an ambitious and cunning figure, becomes aware of the Tekfur's arrival at Bursa Castle. Seizing the opportunity to forge an alliance against Osman Bey, Naiman approaches the enigmatic Tekfur, offering a myriad of enticing proposals. However, his envoys, carrying the weight of their master's hopes, meet a grim fate when the Tekfur mercilessly dispatches them.

Meanwhile, Osman Bey, keen on unraveling Naiman's schemes, ventures forth to meet the Tekfur, presenting him with a choice: side with Naiman and face the relentless forces of Ghazan Khan or align with Osman Bey and receive unwavering support in the region. his decision concealed, elusive, The opting keeps Tekfur, sh to carefullyrewd assess the situation before reporting and to his commanders, back assuring the impregnability of his fortress.

Simultaneously, Osman Bey assigns the cunning Cherkutai the crucial task of infiltrating Naiman's inner circle by assuming the identity of a former Martian soldier. Cherkutai, aided by a band of Martian soldiers turned allies, manages gathered information of Naim he secretly Bey, who's stronghold. Gathering relays thean to Osman their next move.

T strategizes invaluable intelligence,urgut Bey to penetrate the heart dispatches Bey to escort Cherkutai and the Martian soldiers to the hidden refuge of Mangal, only to encounter a treacherous ambush orchestrated by the Mongols. In a surprising twist, the soldiers abruptly switch allegiances, joining forces with the Martians. Led by Cherkutai, the unlikely allies forge ahead, venturing towards Naiman's formidable headquarters.

Amidst the web of treachery and political turmoil, Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun, astute and determined, embark on a relentless investigation into the mysterious tampering with Osman Bey's currency. Yet, despite their best efforts, the truth eludes them.

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