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 A viral video captured the heartwarming moment an elderly Australian man converted to Islam after visiting a mosque to complain about the loud noises during prayers. The incident took place on the day of Eid, a significant celebration for Muslims worldwide, at a mosque near the Gold Coast.

The video shows the man, named Brian, declaring his new faith in English and Arabic before breaking down in tears. The clip has garnered widespread attention and praise for the mosque and its community for their compassionate response to Brian's complaints.

The Encounter: Brian's Visit to the Mosque

According to Haj Hussain Goss, an active Muslim preacher in Australia who shared the clip on his Facebook account, Brian visited the mosque to complain about the loud noises during the Eid prayers. 

The elderly man, who lived in a nearby nursing home, was disturbed by the sound of the prayers that were being amplified through the mosque's speakers. However, instead of dismissing his complaints, the mosque community welcomed Brian and engaged in a conversation with him.

The Conversation: A Turning Point for Brian

During the conversation with Hassan, the preacher, Brian was able to learn more about Islam and its teachings. Hassan spent 10 to 15 minutes talking to Brian, answering his questions, and addressing his concerns.

The preacher's compassion, patience, and willingness to listen to Brian's concerns made a lasting impression on the elderly man. By the end of the conversation, Brian was convinced of the faith and made the voluntary decision to convert to Islam.

The Conversion: A Heartfelt Moment

The video captures the heartfelt moment when Brian declares his new faith in front of the mosque's community. With tears in his eyes, Brian recites the shahada, a declaration of faith in Islam.

The community welcomes Brian with open arms, congratulating him on his decision and offering him support. The clip has since gone viral, with many praising the mosque's community for their compassion, openness, and welcoming attitude towards Brian.

Video: Man Converts to Islam After Mosque Noise Complaint