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 Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 57, also known as Season 2 Episode 30, is available with Urdu and English subtitles from various platforms like Makkitv, Vidtower, Osmanonline, and Kayifamily. In this episode, we witness the bravery of Alp Arslan, a significant Sultan in Islamic history, who successfully defeated 300,000 crusaders with only 20,000 Muslim soldiers.

Understanding Alp Arslan's identity and his battles is crucial for present-day Muslims, and this article aims to provide important facts about this remarkable Muslim conqueror.

Alp Arslan Season 2 Episode 57 In Urdu Subtitles

During the reign of the Abbasid Caliphate, a Turkic leader named Seljuq, who was not a Muslim, migrated with some families and settled in Jund near Bukhara, Central Asia. The majority of the people in this region were Muslims, and the non-Muslim Turks established fraternal relations with them. The influence of Islamic teachings led the Seljuq tribe and its leader to embrace Islam entirely.

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Due to their bravery and honesty, the Seljuq tribe gained fame in Jund and the surrounding areas. Other Turkic tribes began to rally under the Saljuq flag, and as a result, the Seljuqs formed a small independent state known as the Seljuk Empire. Over time, this empire expanded, encompassing many regions in Central Asia, Europe, present-day Turkey, and Iran.

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Despite being an independent state, the Turkish rulers and tribes held immense respect for the Abbasid Caliphate. Receiving the certificate of rulership and other honors from the Abbasid Caliph was considered a blessing by the Seljuqs. The chieftain of the Seljuq tribe had three sons named Israel, Moses, and Mikael.

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When Tughral Beig became the Sultan, he appointed his nephew, Muhammad Alp Arslan, as the governor of the province of Marwa. Later, Alp Arslan ascended to the throne as Sultan. He established the city of Ray as the capital of the Seljuk government. This period saw the rise of powerful European crusaders near the Seljuk Empire, who frequently attacked Muslim territories, causing destruction and loss of life.

As soon as Alp Arslan assumed power, he confronted the marauding crusaders and annexed their territories in Armenia and Georgia, expanding the Seljuk Empire. Sultan Alp Arslan also removed the Fatimid rule from the holy Hijaz and reinstated the flag of the Abbasid Caliphate there in the year 462 AH, corresponding to 1069 AH. He was the first Turkish ruler to serve the Holy Hijaz.

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Sultan Alp Arslan was in Azerbaijan when he received news of the approaching army led by Caesar. He swiftly rallied his troops and confronted the enemy with fierce determination. According to some accounts, Sultan Alp Arslan had a relatively small army of 15,000 soldiers. Under his courageous leadership, a new chapter in history was written on the battlefield of Malazgart, and the Muslims emerged victorious in this battle.

Alp Arslan Episode 57 Urdu Subtitles