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 The desecration of the Muslim holy book, the Quran, by burning it in front of the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen and at a mosque in the capital city, has sparked outrage in Denmark. This reprehensible act was committed by Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the extremist political group Hard Line. On January 21st, Paludan had performed a similar offense at the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden's capital.

Extremist Political Group Leader, Rasmus Paludan, Commits Offence

The burning of the Quran is an unpardonable and condemnable offense. It's worth mentioning that Rasmus Paludan holds dual citizenship in Sweden and Denmark. In April of the previous year, he proclaimed that he would burn the Holy Quran during the sacred month of Ramadan, causing widespread unrest in Sweden. True to his word, he burned the Quran first in Sweden and later in Denmark.

It's noteworthy that Rasmus Paludan burned the Holy Quran in front of the Turkish Embassy, indicating his dissatisfaction with Turkey. As is well known, both Sweden and Finland aspire to join NATO, which necessitates the approval of all NATO members. Turkey, a NATO member, has expressed objections and has declared that it will not endorse their membership. 

A meeting in Brussels, which was scheduled to discuss Sweden and Finland's membership, was postponed indefinitely by Turkey. With Turkey obstructing their entry into NATO, Paludan could have utilized other methods of protest instead of burning the Holy Quran. Yet, he chose the Quran as his target, perhaps because he understood the extent to which it would upset and anger Turkey. This further highlights the ingrained hatred he holds for the Holy Quran.

The Spread of Islamophobia in Europe

There is a growing number of politicians in Europe, like Rasmus Paludan, who harbor Islamophobia or hate towards Muslims. They see Islam as a menace and its followers as a potential threat to their way of life. Far-right or extremist political parties, mostly comprised of white supremacists, are on the rise in European nations. This form of politics is characterized by deep-seated sectarianism, anti-Islamic, and anti-Muslim sentiments. 

The trend is also spreading to other Western countries, including the United States. Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been a worrying increase in anti-Islam or anti-Muslim crimes and persecution of Muslims in several European countries, including desecration of the Holy Quran, mocking the Prophet, and banning of the hijab. White supremacy is being fueled for political reasons in the US and Europe, due to concerns that political power will shift away from the white majority as their numbers decline in the future.

Consequences of White Supremacy

The focus on preserving white dominance has negative consequences for other racial groups, leading to a rise in racist violence against them. This is evident in the violations of human rights faced by black and mixed-race people in the US and Europe. Among the most affected by racism, sectarianism, and religious animosity are Muslims, as a significant number of them belong to non-white racial groups, while a majority of whites are Christians. 

Historical Roots of the Christian-Muslim Divide

The Christian-Muslim divide is a long-standing issue, characterized by historic Crusades. Christianity has traditionally held a hostile view towards the Muslim world, perpetuating ongoing conflicts. The US and its Western allies also bear responsibility for the current state of affairs in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, as the result of unjust wars inflicted upon them.

The USA and Britain have historically supported the formation of the Jewish state of Israel in the Middle East, in opposition to the Muslim world. This has been a key factor in their ongoing conflict with the Muslim community. White and Christian supremacism often intersect, with Muslims being the primary target of their supremacist attacks. 

The Selective Nature of Human Rights Policies

The human rights policies of the USA and its Western allies are primarily designed to benefit whites and Christians, with their policies being implemented in a way that prioritizes the well-being and rights of these groups over others. While refugees from war-torn countries such as Syria and Libya are denied entry into Europe, white citizens in Ukraine are offered aid and support. The stark contrast in the treatment of different groups highlights the selective nature of human rights policies in the Western world.

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The desecration of a religion's sacred text or the disrespect of its revered leader is unacceptable and brings into question the morality and mental stability of those who engage in such acts. The recent burning of the Holy Quran by individuals like Rasmus Paludan in Europe has deeply affected the Muslim community worldwide and sparked outrage. 

The Global Muslim Community and its Attachment to Religion

Muslims make up over a quarter of the global population and their attachment to the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is unwavering. The emotional trauma and anger caused by these acts will not easily heal. The spread of Islamophobia and hate crimes towards Muslims is a threat to peace and stability in the world. 

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The protests against the desecration of the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should serve as a wake-up call for countries like Europe and the USA to move away from white and Christian supremacy and towards a more humane and peaceful world. The consequences of these actions will eventually catch up with those responsible, and it is important for them to be mindful and act swiftly to prevent further harm.