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 Alp Arslan, also known as Sultan Muhammad, was a great Muslim conqueror who lived during the Abbasid Caliphate. He was a member of the Seljuq tribe, which migrated from Central Asia and settled in Jund, near Bukhara. The tribe was influenced by Islamic teachings and became Muslim, leading to the formation of the Seljuk Empire. This empire, which was comprised of several areas in Central Asia, Europe, present-day Turkey and Iran, was recognized by the Abbasid Caliphate and received certificates of rulership and other honors.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 45

Alp Arslan was appointed governor of the province Marwa by his uncle, Tughral Beig, and later became Sultan himself. He made the city of Ray the capital of the Seljuk government. At this time, the European crusaders were becoming more powerful and often raided Muslim areas. (Alparslan Arslan Episode 45 Vidtower) When Alp Arslan was informed of the arrival of Caesar’s army, he met them with his army of 15,000 and led the Muslims to victory in the Battle of Malazgart.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 45

It is important for present-day Muslims to be familiar with Alp Arslan's history as he was one of the bravest Sultans in Islamic history, defeating 300,000 crusaders with only 20,000 Muslims. Understanding this history provides insight into the bravery and leadership of the Muslim community in the past, and serves as an inspiration for the present. (Alparslan Arslan Episode 45 Vidtower) That is why Makki Tv is airing the historic series "Alp Arslan" with Urdu and English subtitles, allowing viewers to become familiar with this important chapter in Islamic history.

Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 45 Urdu

In the 45th episode of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu, tensions rise between characters, resulting in battles and the loss of a crucial character. (Alparslan Arslan Episode 45 Vidtower) One of the main antagonists, Kutalmis, attacks Surmari and executes Alexander, inciting Alparslan to punch him in anger. This leads to Grigor, the Lord, and Suleiman becoming involved in the conflict.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 45 in Urdu

Suleiman accuses Alparslan of disrupting the peace between the two territories, while Grigor swears to avenge Alexander's death. Meanwhile, Kutalmis confesses to the murder of Alexander and requests for his son's body to be taken away. (Alparslan Arslan Episode 45 Vidtower) Suleiman remains hostile towards Alparslan and continues to pursue the throne, while the Lord has a final conversation with Alparslan before departing to Ani.

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 45 in Urdu Subtitles

The situation grows even more complicated when Kutalmis reveals his need for money to recruit more soldiers and sets out to find Yinal's treasure. Alparslan tries to negotiate with one of the rebel Beys, but a war breaks out in the tribe, resulting in Celal's capture and imminent execution. (Alparslan Arslan Episode 45 Vidtower) Suleiman tries to warn another rebel Bey to sever ties with Kutalmis, while Gevher seeks help from Erbaskan to gain power. Seferiye begins to suspect Erbaskan and has a soldier keep tabs on him.

Alp Arslan (Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 45

Erbaskan goes to Surmari in secret after reading Kutalmis's message and speaks with Oke, who reveals she will not give the treasure to the Lord but instead make him attack Alparslan. Erbaskan informs Vaspurakan of Oke's plan and Alparslan sets out to search for the treasure, but the soldiers fail to find anything after digging for a long time.  Meanwhilein Alp Arslan Episode 45, Erbaskan and Kutalmis find the treasure after breaking down a wall in a cave.

AlpArslan Season 2 (Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 45

The situation becomes even more chaotic as Leon and Grigor prepare to go to the location specified by Oke, while Seferiye starts following Gevher. Alparslan goes to the location of the supposed treasure and is attacked by Byzantine soldiers. In Alparslan Arslan Episode 45 Grigor kills Alpagut, causing Alparslan to swear revenge. Altuncan takes her son to the palace but realizes he intends to kill the Sultan and stabs him in the back. Seferiye launches an attack on Gevher, but he overpowers her and ties her up.

Alparslan Arslan Episode 45 Vidtower

Kutalmis sets out to Surmari with the treasure, while Erbaskan goes to meet with Gevher and Rasul. Oke tries to kill Seferiye, but Gevher intervenes. Alparslan Arslan Episode 45 Alparslan encounters one of Seferiye's soldiers and goes to see her, leading to a series of events that will shape the future of the show. The episode (Alp Arslan Season 4) ends with Kutalmis on his way to Surmari with the treasure, and Erbaskan and Rasul heading to the cabin to meet Gevher.

Summary: Alp Arslan Episode 45

In Alp Arslan Season 2 Episode 45, here is a rise in tensions between characters, leading to battles and the loss of a crucial character, Alexander. The main antagonist, Kutalmis, confesses to the murder and sets out to find Yinal's treasure. Meanwhile Alparslan Arslan Episode 45, Suleiman remains hostile towards Alparslan, who tries to negotiate with the rebel Beys and search for the treasure in Alparslan Arslan Episode 45. 

Erbaskan and Kutalmis eventually find the treasure and Leon and Grigor prepare to go to its location. Alparslan is attacked by Byzantine soldiers and Seferiye launches an attack on Gevher but is overpowered. The episode ends with Kutalmis on his way to Surmari with the treasure and Erbaskan and Rasul heading to meet Gevher.

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