Islam is the second largest religion on the planet with 1.8 Billion Muslims Population. Therefore universe Muslims make up the majority of the population in 49 countries as diverse as Yemen, Nigeria, Albania, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia 

This 1400-year-old religion started in modern-day Saudi Arabia but today only 20 percent of Muslims are Arabs. Indonesia is actually the country with the most Muslims.

From the Arabian Peninsula to the World Muslim Religion History

From the Arabian Peninsula to the World: Muslim Religion History

 Islam means submission to God (ALLAH) and a Muslim is a person that submits to God the root meaning of the word Islam means peace safety and security the Arabic word for peace salaam comes from this fruit along with the Hebrew word shalom. 

So submission to God means finding peace by following God around the world regardless of language most Muslims greet each other in Arabic saying assalamu alaikum " peace be upon you. " Islam originated in 7th-century Arabia by the Man called Muhammad ﷺ. 

Christianity Judaism and ISLAM all have rules against making images of any living thing this comes from the Torah and some Muslims and Jews take this rule very seriously Islam kept this rule going so that Muslims wouldn't worship in front of images of God. 

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Instead, they pray directly to God (ALLAH). Some Muslim societies have drawn Muhammad  in the past Iranian cultures. especially, Today most Muslims aren't offended by disrespectful images of Muhammad but respectful images are usually fine, especially in Shia Islam. 

The second largest branch of Islam and the Majority of Muslims disagree with violence in response to depictions of Muhammad  to be respectful.

Muhammad was born in 570 AD in Mecca in Saudi Arabia where his parents died when he was very young and Muhammad  grew up as an orphan back then the Arabs worshiped hundreds of different gods and Muhammad's  tribe the Quraish were the guardians of this building the Kabbah and Mecca. t

They packed the Kabbah with hundreds of idols of different gods and the quest got filthy rich taxing pilgrims visiting the Kaaba Muhammad  was deeply religious and wanted to improve his community all around him. 

He saw poverty, injustice, war and widespread discrimination against women and orphans Muhammad ﷺ  saw the rich abuse the poor, and religious festivals had just become giant decadent parties dedicated to the worship of idols. this is the best religious ever religion party instead of attending religious festivals.

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Every year Muhammad ﷺ would just go and pray alone in a cave then in 610 AD in the month of Ramadan during one of these lonely cave prayers Muhammad ﷺ now 40 years old was visited by Gabriel or Jabril in Arabic. 

Jibril told Muhammad  that there is one God and that he is now God's (ALLAH)  messenger. Muhammad ﷺ received revelations directly from God and then recited them around his companions wrote these revelations down and they became the Quran " Islamic Holy Book. " 

Muhammad's  words were radical in tribal Arabia, he was saying stuff like arab has no superiority over non-arab white has no superiority over black, he also demanded an end to the practice of killing infant girls, because boys were preferred saying that girls are equal.

This didn't exactly go down well in tribal sexist and hierarchical Mecca this whole one-god business annoyed the quresh because they made money charging people to visit Kabba to worship hundreds of gods the poor slaves and others flocked to Muhammad ﷺ.

The quresh now furious and losing money abused the Muslims especially the vulnerable ones like slaves who are frequently tortured if they convert but the Muslims didn't fight back Muhammad ﷺ and his God outlawed violence the Quran said whoever kills a person it shall be as if he killed all mankind. 

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After a decade of this persecution, the Muslims fled to the city of Madina this move in 622 AD marks year one on the Islamic calendar right now January 2021 ce is 1442 on the Muslim calendar even in medina the quresh kept attacking the Muslims. 

So God told Muhammad ﷺ: Muslims could fight back but God laid down some ground rules for the fighting do not target public places do not destroy farms or herds do not harm women children the elderly or the disabled do not harm animals trees or plants and be kind to prisoners and to not forcefully convert anyone these strict rules of war were laid down to stop civilians getting hurt. 

Muhammad  said if someone shows no compassion, God will show no compassion to them 630 Muhammad  marched on Mecca with an army of ten thousand the city submitted without a battle Muhammad  went straight to the Kaaba and destroyed the hundreds of idols and dedicated it to only one God (ALLAH).  

Just two years later most of Arabia had converted to Islam and was united under Muhammad ﷺ then in 632 AD Muhammad  died. 

Abu Baker Muhammad's ﷺ closest friend was elected as the first khalif or successor this election is the cause of the divide between Islam's two major branches Sunni and Shia to oversimplify a bit Sunni believed Abu Bakr was rightly elected Shia believed Muhammad ﷺ choose his cousin Ali ra as his successor. 

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After the death of Muhammad , the leaders of the Islamic Caliphate started trying to spread Islam throughout the world. There are many other things about Islam that you must know about, but today we will know some of the most beloved beliefs and concepts of Muslims.

What are Muslim's Main Beliefs?

Muslims believe that God (ALLAH) has all powers, is all-knowing, and is all-merciful. Muslims believe that God is unique and that he is not like anything else in the universe. 

They believe that he has no son and he created the universe and everything in it. Muslims also believe that God is not physical but rather a spiritual being.

Muslims believe in God (ALLAH) and the teachings of the Qur'an. The Qur'an is a book of Islamic scripture, which was revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

What are Muslims required to do before they Pray?

Prayers are a crucial part of a Muslim's daily life, so it is important to know what is required of Muslims before they can perform their daily prayers. 

Islam requires Muslims to perform five daily prayers, as well as prayers on Friday, the Islamic holy day. To perform daily prayers, Muslims are required to cleanse themselves and their clothes. 

They must also be in a state of ritual purity, meaning they should be clean of impurities such as sweat and blood. They must refrain from eating or drinking anything that is not halal (permitted in Islam).

Where does Muslims Pray?

The Muslim holy site of the Kaaba in Mecca is a focal point for prayer and the spiritual life of Muslims around the world, they can also pray in the nearest mosques or at home. 

In Islam, it is believed that the Kaaba was originally built by Abraham and was rebuilt by Muhammad in 630 CE.

Islam is a religion that follows the five pillars. These pillars include the profession of faith, daily prayer, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage to Mecca. 

The prayer is the most important of these pillars because it's the only one that doesn't require any physical activity. Muslims perform the prayer five times a day, and they can perform it anywhere they want.

From the Arabian Peninsula to the World: Muslim Religion History