What is Riba in Islam and Why is it Forbidden?

 Save yourselves from sickness and harm. Save yourself from the loss of the year by not doing something haram. One of the things that Allah has spoken about that is absolutely prohibitive is something known as Riba. 

Riba means interest or usually, it is the dirtiest filthiest wealth that one could have as much as it seems like wow this looks like you know figures from ten it became a hundred from 100 it became a thousand there is no blessing in that wealth no Baraka at all you will be punished for it.

 Allah says in verse number 275 of Surat al-Baqarah: Those who consume ribbon on the day of judgment will not be able to stand except for those who have been touched by the devil, possessed by the devil, harmed by the devil, or beaten up by the devil. 

who will not be able to even think correctly on that day because whatever they have done all of it happens to be in Allah's displeasure in terms of the sustenance that they earned, may Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala protect us. 

If you are not going to quit the consumption of interest, then let there be an announcement of war against you from Allah and His Messenger. Allah is announcing war against those who are consuming interest. 

When Allah announces war, your life will be turned upside down completely after a period of time. You cannot win a war against Allah, SubhanAllah Watala. Don't even try. This is why Allah says what you do. 

If you seek forgiveness you are the capital that you put in if you ask us for forgiveness you need to make sure you extract an amount of interest from the amount you are holding so that your capital remains with you. 

This is why whenever you have an amount of interest sometimes because you might be banking with a bank that gives interest and it's illegal not to bank and so on so if you really have to and there is an amount of interest grants us strength so that if we consume interest for the sake of Allah. 

We would be harming ourselves; if we do not consume it for the sake of Allah, we are saving ourselves; thus, this verse is included in the series known as "Save Yourselves." You save yourself by protecting your income, ensuring that there is no Haram element within that particular income of yours.