The Power of Intention: How to Focus on Prayers

 We must ensure that we engage in proper don't rush in an act of worship, take it easy in an act of worship if you take your time have a moment so your Salah that you read especially and even that which is extra. 

Make sure you've taken your time with it because there are so many stories. The angel of death is waiting for you; he's just waiting for you to finish your Salah, and you're going to imagine what time of Salah you'd read if that were the case. 

In order to concentrate in Salah, you must cleanse your mind and heart of Haram and unnecessary things. We have a mind and a heart similar to a computer or the memory of your phone. If your memory is 64 gigabytes, give me your phone; you have unnecessary features. 

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unnecessary voice notes unnecessary things every day you're downloading this and that which is not necessary then when you want to download something necessary to do things happen: one, your hard drive is full, and two, the phone slows down so much you press a button and you wait for three minutes for this application to open because you've got too many unnecessary things in there. 

argument with disguise You have a deal with this guy that went sour, you have some problems with the business, you have por...phy on your mind, you have music, and all the other things pile up. How are you going to memorize all those Bollywood songs? 

We know all of the songs from Hollywood, Nollywood, and Jollywood, and even though we know them by heart, we still make mistakes, which is why we say it's time to clear our minds. Your concentration is in Salah because I don't have too many unnecessary things happening outside Salah so in Salah it's good. 

but if there are unnecessary things your mind first goes you know this morning I saw a very, very nice car. I mean whether it's softly or with a love depending on what you're doing, they say that. I mean sometimes when the tarawi is going on, 

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the Imam is reading from somewhere else in the Quran, and he is saying another verse that ends in the same way broadly, and you hear the Imam reading that first when he says that Allah hu Akhbar people are just saying I mean because they are tuned to say that.