Islam About Hazrat Isa ( Jesus PBUH )

 Jesus was the most important figure in history. He was a teacher and a healer who was very influential during the time he was alive. He led a life that was full of love and kindness. He had many disciples who followed him, and many more who still do today.

Islam About Hazrat Isa ( Jesus PBUH )

Say Jesus was not god, nor was he the son of God, nor was he a member of the Trinity, nor was he crucified. He was an honored messenger born to Mary without a father by the instruction of Allah. The power of the same maker created Jesus and allowed him to speak from the cradle and clarified who he was and gave him the Torah and the Bible.

Facts About Jesus in Islam

  1. Jesus was able to perform miracles he killed the blind gave life to the dead and even spoke in the cradle yet all by the permission of God(ALLAH) 
  2. Jesus did not call himself god but rather told the people to worship God (ALLAH) 
  3. Muslims do not believe that Jesus was killed or crucified instead Allah raised him 
  4. Muslims firmly believe in the virgin birth of the Prophet Jesus through his mother Maryam 
  5. Jesus told the coming of the last prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam and even mentioned him by name
  6. Jesus will return before the day of judgment

Do Muslims Believe in Jesus?

We believe he is one of the prophets of Allah, but do we love Jesus, peace be upon him? absolutely 100%, that makes sense, but do Muslims believe that he died? Well, no, we believe that he went straight to the skies, so can we be Muslims if we don't believe in Jesus, peace be upon him? No, we can't. He is a prophet, and believing in prophets is part of our articles of faith.