From Christianity to Islam, • The Story of Joram Van Klaveren,

 I was born into a Christian family and raised in a Christian manner, and I believe Islam is a lie because I used to say that Islam is alive in the Quran.

and already thought, "Okay, these Muslim guys are kind of crazy, and this religion isn't the truth, so it wasn't my eyes that were blind, but it was really my heart. I couldn't accept it."

I think my nuts, my nafs, or whatever my ego is, couldn't accept it, so I decided to write an anti-Islam book, which started as an anti-Islam book but turned into this search for God and ended up with me becoming a Muslim.

"OK, this is going in the wrong direction," I thought to myself. His life was the Quran; he was the living Quran in a way. Just study his Sunnah, and I think that is the best way of discovering Islam.

I couldn't sleep for two days because of it. I couldn't accept it; it was so strange, and yeah, it made me feel very happy.