Celebrating Christmas as a Muslim: A Reflection

We know celebrating Christmas is wrong, but can we politely wish our Christian friends compliments of the season or happy days in our hearts. we disagree with them but to maintain the friendship can we say good words to them.
The fundamental question asked is that can Muslims wish their Christian friends a merry Christmas or can they exchange food and gifts on the occasion of Christmas? knowing it is wrong can we politely say some kind words or can we say happy or give compliments?

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as far as wishing non-Muslims on the festivals most of the non-Muslim festivals involve either shirk or they involve things which are not permitted in our sharia, so most of the celebrations since them involve shirk or things are prohibited in sharia but naturally wishing them on things are wrong is prohibited in Islam
 It is like we know very well that most festivals involve shirk and especially Christmas so when we wish someone merry Christmas what are we saying is that we are congratulating them for the festival of Christmas and Christmas is a festival which the Christians believe that Jesus Christ peace be upon him who they consider being god or the son of god was born on the 25th of December. 

They celebrate Christmas as the birthday of their god now when we wish them merry Christmas what are we doing we are actually congratulating them on the shirk and giving shahada and bearing witness nauzbila that Allah has begotten son was born on the 25th of December. 

so we are actually taking part in the shirk and ALLAH clearly mentions in the glorious Quran in surah chapter number 25 verse number 72 " that they do not witness falsehood " ALLAH says in so reminded chapter five number two that " do not help one another in sin and transgression " 

so when we wish them merry Christmas we are giving shahada we are bearing witness that nauzbilla Allah begot a son on the 25th of December or nauzbilla Allah was born on the 25th of December both of these things are absolutely against the teaching of Islam.