Reality of Dr Zakir Naik, FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar,

According to Al-Arabiya News, Zakir Naik, an Indian Muslim preacher, arrived in Qatar before the start of the 2022 World Cup.

While Nayak gives a religious speech during the tournament, the press points to several social media posts where Nayak was released from India in 2016 and faced allegations of money laundering and hate speech in India.

In the continuation of this report, it is mentioned about the festival of sculpture was announced on the state sports network of Qatar. Arkas shared the news of Nayak's arrival in a Twitter post, saying that preacher Sheikh Zakir Naik will be in Qatar during the World Cup to deliver a number of religious speeches. Competitions.

The Islamic Studies Foundation was banned by India in late 2016. He was accused of encouraging and helping his followers to promote hatred and malice among different communities and religious groups.

Note: You all know that Dr. Zakir Naik is an Islamic scholar who gives logical answers from different religious books to follow the right path.