Qatar 🇶🇦 welcomes World Cup fans with sayings from the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Dawa is an act of inviting or calling people to Islam. even if you are born into a Muslim family there comes a point in life where you have to make your own choice of being a Muslim by practicing Islam. 

You can't be doing it just because your parents are doing it. giving dawa is not easy one-on-one having a discussion is not an easy task trust me Fame is not the criteria for dawa being a good Muslim and being kind can have more impact on someone at your workplace.

Perhaps it can happen now I'm totally impressed by Qatar and its style of letting people know about Islam with Qatar hosting a football World Cup. There will be a massive influx of non-Muslims in the country the gulf nation is taking the advantage of this opportunity to introduce Islam to its visitors using the selected Hadith of the Prophet " Muhammad  ".

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This is one of the best initiatives may Allah reward them. I mean here people are coming with an open mind it's better time to explain to them about Islam the sayings of the Prophet ﷺ are so many but his actions were many more it touches the hearts of people apart from what you saw on screen Prophet Muhammad  said whoever believes in Allah and last day let him maintain strong family ties. 

We need to rethink and reset our priorities and attitudes right. Islam is the most beautiful thing on this planet. we got it easy it's on us to spread it may Allah make us of those who spread Deen amen.