Morgan Freeman reaction to Quran in World Cup - Qatar

We all know by now the FIFA World Cup 2022 is taking place in a Muslim-majority country in the Middle East called Qatar and mashallah Qatar is displaying not only its culture but its Islamic values as well there are numerous ways that they have done this but the one that we're going to be focusing on something that I haven't seen go around.

as much I'm not sure if am I welcome to send out the call because everyone is welcome this is an invitation to the whole world instead of seeing another way we dismissed it and demanded our own way.

How can so many countries languages and cultures come together if it's accepted we were raised to believe that we were scattered on this Earth as Nations and tribes so we could learn from each other and find real clear differences I can see what unites us here in this moment is so much greater than what divides

I thought that it was fantastic how they Incorporated a verse of the Quran in such a relevant way using an um relevant personality Morgan Freeman who's a famous Hollywood actor the solution is not for everybody to agree on one thing.

Yeah like the full madahib they are described as four streams that go into the same river so all these other ways of doing things aren't necessarily a bad thing they are different ways that the son of the Prophet Sallallahu has been preserved and there is a way of reconciling it depends again who you seek knowledge from if you seek knowledge from somebody that is going to divide and who's after who's modulus and Gathering when you leave you to feel hate.

your Iman has gone down and you haven't progressed leave that Gathering if you leave a gathering of a student of knowledge or a shirt that your Iman is lifted and you feel like you feel inclusive and you don't feel like dividing rather than rather including you're with the right person of course that can't be done in everything. 

especially when you go against the fundamental teachings of Islam majority of the ummah agrees on that so I guess Unity is embracing and appreciating disunity so, in other words, having differences but don't have enmity I.E not attacking the argument not the argumental and not to mention this guy mashallah you know how inspirational half of his body is missing yeah.

he's on a world stage where everybody is hearing the Quran Muslims and non-muslims from his mouth Allahu Akbar you know it is indeed Allah who knows the future and has the picture whilst we have the pixel would this guy have thought when you know his body got dismembered he would be on a wild stage and everybody's eyes would be on him.

I don't think so I mean Qatar only found out that you know there would be um they would be hosting the World Cup so SubhanAllah it's an inspiration for us as well that when we go through hardships

Allah is the guardian of the righteous trust just believe in the one who deserves it the most kind the most merciful the most powerful he has knowledge of the rape of the Unseen surely he deserves your praise yes you're gonna be frustrated with the situation that you're in yes you're allowed to be sad frustrated.

Ultimately he is the one that deserves trust somehow we've indoctrinated ourselves into thinking no no the control is with us we like to control every situation but you can't control death you can't control a heartbreak you can't control when a person goes above 16 18 your child and that's why we then our hearts break because we are used to having control in every situation.

There is a prayer oh Allah give me the strength to deal with that which I am able to control and give me the patience to leave it to you when it is something that I cannot control and give me the wisdom.