Each person has his own responsibility and there are a few reasons why Allah did not choose women to be prophets or messengers of ALLAH subhana tala. The first reason is that there are various behavioral changes that take place in a woman for example the menstrual cycle and the postnatal bleeding so in these situations a woman her mental and physical state is low. 

Why all the Messengers (Prophets) of Allah are Males

She cannot do the role of a Prophit and she cannot fulfill the responsibilities of a prophet besides this the woman she also has pregnancy and when she's a mother she has to take care of her child or her children at the early stages of life in all of these situations a woman. she cannot do the role of a mother whereas at the same time do the role of a prophet or a messenger of God. 

She has to listen to the people She has to solve their disputes when there is a dispute She has to mix around with the people solving their problems etc in all of these situations it will not be appropriate for a woman to do this because in Islam it is clearly prohibited the intermingling of the opposite gender and the prophet or the messenger.

She has to talk with the people communicate with the people convey the midst of Islam to the non-muslims if they have any problems if they have any questions respond to their questions etc one of the roles of the prophet or the messenger of God is to lead the people in prayer.

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There are various positions that we do in the prayer, for example, the roku the sujood, etc the bowing the prostration, etc, and in all of these positions if the woman is an imam she is the leader it would distract the people behind the mukta the people who are offering salah behind the imam it would distract them.

If the woman is the imam that's the reason in Islam a woman cannot lead the men in prayer so that's the reason there are certain responsibilities for the woman in Islam also, there are certain responsibilities for men.

Many times the woman can get emotionally carried away if there is a dispute so she may emotionally get carried away and besides this, I would like to give you an example if a robber enters the house it is Allah subhanahu talah who has given the man more strength it is a man who will go and fight a person cannot say that I believe in equal rights let the woman go and fight.

Each person has his own responsibilities similarly Allah subhanahu ta'ala has given a lot of honor to the woman when she's a mother and there are various hadees talking about the importance of motherhood in Islam a man cannot say that I want to become a mother so that I can get the reward of a mother but naturally no each person has their own responsibility