Nouman Ali Khan Quotes (Author of Revive Your Heart),

 The story of humanity begins with a failure. The failure of our father (alaihissalam) to withstand a trial that didn't seem all that difficult. 

In heaven, the trees and fruits are endless and it's size Allah says " the expanse of the skies and earth  combined".

 The whole place is described as a lush garden so we're literally talking about an infinity of trees, not to mention other joys and all he and our mother had to do was stay away from one of them. Just one.

When a human being fails a test, there is the obvious "how could you?" Whether our failure was hours, days, weeks, months, years or decades ago, we don't want to be reminded of it. 

It's humiliating and makes us feel like we've been reduced to our mistakes. A feeling of worthlessness and self doubt about ever being able to climb out of this bottomless pit engulfs us. We start tolling ourselves not that we failed.

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