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Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 34

No one else could have played this well except Alpaslanı Barış Arduç.. It draws the audience in, as if we are living in that period. . Their chemistry with Seferiye Hatun matches perfectly, they get along with their looks; what kind of harmony is this? 

Seferiye Hatun definitely took the series to the next level. You don't even need to talk about Barış Arucu, but she started to suit the role of the campaign lady, you can't get enough of watching, may your success always be kayra zabcı.

Each episode is as exciting and breathless as a movie, and it is another quality to ensure that the next episode is eagerly awaited, despite the fast pace of events and the answers to the questions before the next week at the end of the episode. 

The shock of Seferiye saying in one breath what she was afraid to even think about she talked about poison to the expedition, obviously the expedition will save her life and she will win the hearts of everyone, including alparslan. 

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I don't watch all of the historical TV series, even the only TV series I watch, they play so realistically so perfectly that I don't want to miss a single second, I shape all my plans according to the series, I think the other TV series can't even be read next to Alparslan Great Seljuk.

Cagri bey and sultan Tugrul's speech will go on a super great expedition, sultan Tugrul will root out certain heirs and then free Baghdad, sultan Tugrul will be the favorite of the caliph.

It's really excellent, thanks for your effort, Barış Aruç really does the show's justice, good luck, and I congratulate the whole team, they make the scenes live for us, may the souls of our ancestors rest in peace. May my Lord treat all our martyrs who sacrificed their blood for Islam and the country with his mercy.

Seferiye Hatun's saying "zeerreennn" is very nice when the TV series started last year, it didn't suit Akca at all, but many of them became legends, and now they say the same thing to Seferiye Hatun. It suits me very well. I believe that it will adapt to the series in the coming episodes and it will arouse great admiration.

I am happy to see Sultan Tuğrul. The man is acting terrific. His speech is impressive. Karakhanids want their land, but these Karans have no head? Where is the person who talked to the sultan and gave judgment? Doesn't he have a say?

Let's close this Seferiye's revenge issue. Who can not see what a great man Alp Arslan is. Even if Alp Arslan doesn't fall in love right away, please don't make the Expedition look stupid and truth-blind.

Well, isn't that how they bought the inn? It was a joke. I'm sorry if Yinal Bey can help or something, I'm sorry for the man, he already has a traitor mark on him, he reinforced his very perceptive chick.

Trailers are beautiful. The ongoing problem in the series is that the crash scenes are shot with a manual dynamic camera on the lap. Switch to the static camera now, don't make us watch shaky images. Shoot the scenes from the viewer's eye. 

If the conquest of Baghdad is starting, then the date is now 1055 because Tugrul actually gets 1055 from Baghdad. And this means that soon Melikşah will be born because Melikşah was born in 1055, it will be beautiful.

Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 In Urdu

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