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Plans for Usman Bey!

Olof finally puts his dangerous plan into action... Osman Bey is ambushed on his way home from Constantinople. Can Osman Bey escape from the trap set by Olof and Frigg?

Osman Bey realizes that kidnapping his sons Aladdin and Orhan and slandering Octem Bey is part of the big game. What will Osman Bey do to solve this case? All arrows are pointing towards Ophelia, what will Osman Bey do in this case? He orders Olof to kill Osman Bey and his daughter Ophelia.

Will Emperor Andronicus break his peace treaty with Osman Bey and betray Osman Bey who saved him from death? What does Usman Bey do? What does Osman Beg want to get close to Prince Kantaxnos by accepting him in Yeni Shahir?

Will oktemur die?

After the confusion of obsession and the arrest of his father, Octam, did a furious Archichek Hatton take out his anger on oktemur? What fate awaits Octamer, his father, who is seriously injured?

I honor all the fans of this series from all over the world. We are proud of you brothers

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When you have no more blood to shed, You will have no vengeance to take." Two great enemies, two giant names. Osman, Olof. Burak Ozcivit, Nihat Altinkaya...

What a noble, how strong and faithful character Bala even though it's his first acting, he plays so well Özge Törer it's hard not to be amazed.

Bala's outfit is different, other women always look the same

It's nice, he hurts his enemy in the arm, osman is waiting for the figure to return to the viking, he is waiting, is it like this before in real life, they will cut him into pieces, let's add some realism to the man.

Kurulus Osman Episode 102 Urdu English Subtitles

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