Summary: Alp Arslan Season 3 Episode 28

 On the day when Sultan Taghurul Bey Seljuq appoints his successor, he receives news that the Byzantines have killed innocent Turks, including women and children. He orders to send to Anatolia. A mysterious assassin attacks the Seljuk king who was campaigning. 

Barış Arduç's attack routes take him to unexpected places. While Alperslan pursues the murderer, he saves the life of a Turkmen girl named Akcha Hutton (Faria Osen) who had escaped from Byzantine persecution. 

However, he is unaware of the secret Akucha hides behind her beauty. The Byzantine Emperor sends General Doukas and Captain Diogenes of Romania to Ani to settle the issues with the Turkmens. However, due to the mistake of Yannis, the son of Ani Takfor Kekavumenos, the Sultan of Turol decides to go to war. 

Alparslan, who heard the good news of victory in his childhood dream, confronts Byzantium with the Seljuk army in Pasinler. Pesinler will be the first step on his blessed path for Alparslan to open the doors of Anatolia.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28 with urdu Subtitles

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