Alp Arslan Season 2 Episode 6 Summary

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu In episode 7, Karaja says Akcha is a traitor, but Akinai protests him. Akache realizes that Akina is protecting him and thanks him. While God is about to kill Alpertran, Kaguri and the Turkish soldiers arrive. Diogenes begins to run away with God. Kaghri arrives in time to save his son, as Alpagut has told Alparslan about the Lord's trap plans and the Byzantines are unable to capture the chest full of gold. Buzan's men help the Lord escape.

While Akinai and Akoka are talking inside the tent, the soldiers bring Alparslan. Meanwhile, Alperslan wakes up from sleep. Aka tries to heal Alparslan's wounds. Alperslan says he must take God, but his father won't let him out of the tent. After this attack fails, the general gets angry with the master.

Alparslan goes to Sultan's room and wants to talk to him privately. Alparslan says that he personally wants to lead the Vaspurakan attack, since it was the lord who killed his mother years ago. The Sultan calmed him down and said that Suleiman will remain in command. After that, the doctor will start Alpersalan treatment again. Some of the soldiers in the army begin to disobey Solomon's orders.

Buzan goes to the castle and talks to the master. Atabi talks to Alparslan and begins to hear his problems. Several Beys from the army come to the palace and tell the Sultan that Suleiman is an incompetent commander. Diogenes says he is worried about the Turkish attack, but God tells him to calm down. Alperslan goes to headquarters and begins to help prepare the army. The next day, Suleiman argues with Alpersalan again. Diogenes says that the arrival of the Lord's troops from Anyi to Vasprakan will strengthen the defenses.

Diogenes reminds God that the treasure chest is empty and that Alperslan has escaped from the trap. Diogenes tells him that there are spies in the castle. Alpagut prays to God and apologizes for everything he has done up to this day. He summons Lord Arpagot and tells him that Maria is a traitor. Alphagut does not believe this, but God asks him to kill Mary. Inal talks to Gunduz again and gives him the bag of gold.

When the Sultan realizes that his army is ready to attack, he goes to the headquarters and speaks to the soldiers one last time before leaving. Just as the sultan was about to leave, an ambassador sent by the caliph arrived. Sultan is very surprised by this situation and starts listening to the words of the ambassador. The ambassador says that if the Turks attack Vasprakan, the Byzantine emperor will kill the Muslims of Constantinople.

The Sultan says that he postponed the attack for the time being so that innocent Muslims would not die. Akoka goes to the meeting place and starts the meeting. The Lord asks Arpagat to shoot Maria with an arrow. Alphabet thinks long and does what God wants. The Sultan continues his speech in the meeting and says that he has decided who will be his heir. Tughral asks Alparslan to take over the throne after his death and for everyone to follow him.

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