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What is Alp Arslan famous for?

The second sultan of the Seljuk dynasty, who added most of Georgia, Armenia and Anatolia to Khorasan and western Iran. He preferred conquest to rule and entrusted the administration of the empire to his famous vizier, Nizam-e-Alam.

Is Alp Arslan related to Ertugrul?

Information about him is uncertain, but we do know - He was a member of the Kai clan. Ertugrul Ghazi's ancestors first came to Ahlat region under the command of Sultan Seljuk Sultans.

Who founded Seljuk Empire?

It was founded in 1037 by Tughrel (1063-990) and his brother Chagari (1060-989).

Who was second Seljuk Sultan?

Alp Arslan (1072-1026) was the second Seljuk sultan of Iran and Iraq and a member of the Turkan dynasty, who restored Islamic rule during the decline of the Abbasid dynasty. Alp Arslan Muhammad Ibn Dawood was born in 1026 (or 1029 or 1032) in Khorasan, Iran, Arab Empire.

Who was the best Seljuk Sultan?

Malek Shah, the son and successor of Alp Arslan in 1072, was one of the most powerful and magnificent rulers of the great Seljuk dynasty. In 1079, During his reign, the Seljuk Empire spread from Asia Minor to Turkestan.

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