Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 3 Episode 1 with Urdu, Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 3 Episode 1 With English Subtitles

Summary: Last Episode Alp Arslan Season 2 Episode 28

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu In episode 28, Hassan thinks his daughter is dead and starts crying. After some time, Akka opens her eyes and finally admits that she is Hassan's daughter. Alparslan talks to the Turks and orders the catapult to fire. When the soldiers are about to break down the walls, a messenger arrives. Alperslan realizes that Aka and Hassan are missing. Suleiman says the siege must continue, but Alparslan comes up with a plan to save Hassan's life. Hassan finds his lost daughter again and hugs her. Akka plans to escape from the dungeon and asks her father for help. Alparslan tells everyone that Akche is Hassan's daughter and immediately takes action to save them from the castle. Alparslan then sends a message to the castle.

Arpagat reads the message hidden in the horse's leg and learns about Arpaslan's plans. Some of the army soldiers are confused when the siege is lifted, but Alpagot calms them down. Alpagot kills two Byzantine soldiers and steals their clothes. Arpagut then goes to the dungeon and asks the captured Turk to change his clothes. Hasan said that he wanted to kill Cachaomenus, but Arpagot asked him to leave the castle as soon as possible. The Lord goes into the forest with some soldiers and talks to Alpaslan. Kaguri is very surprised to learn that Aka is Hassan's daughter. Alparslan asks the lord to surrender the castle. Diogenes rejects the offer, saying that he is aware of Alperslan's plans. While waiting for Hassan and Akka to meet, Alperslan realizes that his plans are messed up. Diogenes asks Alperslan to lift the siege and return to his clan.

Diogenes then speaks to Farzat and asks him to provoke the commander of the army. Farzat accepts this offer and returns to the headquarters. Ivan and Reti start torturing Hasan. Hassan fights with all his heart not to kill his daughter. Cachaomenus is overjoyed to find that Hasan is in trouble. Farzat informs Alperslan of Diogenes' plan. Alperslan plans to drive the Byzantine soldiers out of the castle. Cachaomenus realizes that Doukas needs help. Elbe wants to leave the castle and surprise the Turks.

Diogenes, realizing that God still wants to attack the Turks, says that he will not participate in this war. Alparslan notices that the Byzantine soldiers are starting to leave the castle. Some Byzantine soldiers start looting people's houses in the castle. Alparslan with his army prays to God and asks for help. Hassan and Akka stop the soldiers who disturb the people inside the castle. Then Hasan incites the people to revolt against the Lord. Alparslan and the Turkish army begin to attack the Byzantine soldiers coming out of the fortress. Kaguri and Toguroro pray for the success of the army. A long and difficult war begins. Hrove attacks Alparslan but is defeated. Alparslan kills the commander on the battlefield. Ratty and Ivan then attack Alperslan. Diogenes watches the battle from a safe place and says that he will soon fight Alperslan again.

The people of the castle believed in Hasan and said that they would stop the Lord. Some people go to talk to the lord and ask for weapons to defend the castle. Cachaomenus calms the people down and tells them to go home. God soon realized that Elbe was defeated and ordered that everyone in the castle be given arms. Hassan and Akka say that they will attack the soldiers on the wall soon. The Lord speaks to the soldiers one last time and says that the Turks will never enter the castle. The Turkish army is slowly approaching the gate of the castle and trying to break it. Byzantine soldiers try to stop the Turks with arrows, but they do not succeed. Hassan and Akka act to kill the Byzantine soldiers. The people of the castle begin to help the Turks. God sees that Maryam and Hassan are still alive.

Arpagut goes to the master's room and confesses that he is a spy for the castle. Kekaumenos and Arpagut begin to fight. God seriously injures Arpagat and starts to run away. The Turkish army breaks the gates of the castle and starts to attack. Hassan intervenes to prevent his master from escaping, but fails. God says he will take Hasan and kill Akka. The Turks killed most of the Byzantine soldiers in the fortress in a short time. Alparslan sees Akce fighting and is happy that Akce is still alive. 

Byzantine soldiers go to Akche and attack him. Alparslan and Hassan confirm that Akcheh is injured. Cacaomenus takes off his helmet and runs away. Alparslan says go to Akche and take him to the doctor. Aka can't take it anymore and dies after a while. Alparslan hangs Kekauumenos at the entrance of the castle and says that the land now belongs to the Turks.

Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 3 Episode 1 with Urdu